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Day Out at Oxford Charcoal!

On the 5th April the Ross & Ross Food Team took a trip over to our friends at The Oxford Charcoal Company. We’ve spoken to them many times before about what they do and knew a bit about the charcoal they sell, but we wanted to see it for ourselves so they invited us down for the day to see exactly how they make their gourmet charcoal.

, Day Out at Oxford Charcoal!As soon as we arrived we were given high visibility jackets and the tour began! We were shown round the entire site and shown their magnificent kiln where all the wood from British Woodland is heated at a staggeringly high temperature to create charcoal.

The Oxford Charcoal Company create Gourmet Charcoal and use various types of wood from British Woodlands to make a variety of different charcoal flavours. For example, Birch charcoal is perfect for when you’re cooking either Beef or Lamb on your BBQ and offers a subtly sweet flavour which balances well with the flavours in the meat. This charcoal not only boasts incredible flavours, but is also additive free and comes from Sustainable British Forests.

, Day Out at Oxford Charcoal!Matt, the Charcoal Expert, had broad knowledge about all the properties of charcoal and how it can be used in other ways than just on your BBQ.  Charcoal has a number of cleaning properties, this is why we have seen a rise in the amount of charcoal based products, e.g. Charcoal toothpaste. In the future charcoal may even be able to help the environment due to it’s cleaning properties, but scientists are still in the process of this research. We all came back with a bunch of facts which we ended up sharing with everyone as soon as we got home!

, Day Out at Oxford Charcoal!After our tour of The Oxford Charcoal Company we lit up the BBQ and we had brought some Chicken, Burgers and Ribs all marinaded in Ross & Ross BBQ Rubs. Matt took to the BBQ and we got a live demonstration of just how quick this charcoal can light. It honestly takes no longer than 15 minutes! Before we knew it we were sat down with our BBQ Feast and finding out more about the business and what they have planned for the future.

If you want to find out more about The Oxford Charcoal Company and see for yourselves just how amazing this charcoal is, follow the link below:

This was a really enjoyable day out and the entire Ross & Ross team want to go back and learn more. Thank you to Matt and everyone at The Oxford Charcoal Company for taking the time to show us all round and for making this such a memorable day for us all.

Make sure to follow Matt over on Instagram @oxfordcharcoal to see some great BBQ videos and get some recipe ideas.

, Day Out at Oxford Charcoal!