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Top 4 Pancake Recipes

, Top 4 Pancake RecipesPancake Day is looming closer and closer. At Ross & Ross Food, we love Pancake Day and we are already coming up with fantastic pancake recipes, fillings and topping to make in the kitchen! We’ll be enjoying a stack of pancakes on Tuesday morning to celebrate.

This year’s Pancake Day marks the return of our annual Pancake Day competition! Everyone can get involved in this and it gives you a chance to show off your pancake creations. All you need to do to enter is: take a picture of your pancakes , post it on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #rrpancakecomp and tag us in your post. That’s it! Make sure your pancakes stand out by creating unique recipes and concoctions, and also decorate your pancakes as if you were serving it to a Michelin chef!

, Top 4 Pancake RecipesJudging this year’s Pancake Competition will be the incredible Georgina from Cotswold Create. We have known Georgie for a while and her blog posts continue to impress. Not only are her blog posts very informative but also fun to read as each one includes some of Georgie’s humour in there! You’ll find out the best places to visit, the best places to shop etc. all in this blog which is great when you want to explore the Cotswolds. We’d like to say a big thank you to Georgie for taking the time to judge our competition, we really appreciate it.

The winner of our Pancake Competition will receive our their very own Homemade Curing Kit…Salmon. If you’re a big lover of Salmon then this competition is the best way to bag yourself our curing kit to make your own cured salmon which tastes unbelievable. It’s so unbelievable that it won Gift of the Year 2017!

Georgie will be picking her favourite 3 pancakes and the winners will be revealed on Friday 3rd March on social media and in our blog post.

To help you brainstorm what kind of pancakes you’ll make, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite pancake recipes, which include a gluten-free option. Take a look:


, Top 4 Pancake RecipesPerfect Pancakes:

If you’re a fan of the thin, crepe style pancake then we have picked this recipe especially for you. This recipe makes a quick and easy batter enough to serve 8 people, or in reality about 4!

Team it with the traditional lemon and sugar or spread a bucket full of Nutella on. Alternatively, you can also give your pancake a savoury spin and incorporate Ham and Cheese, or Feta Cheese with Roasted Peppers. The choice is yours!

Follow the link to get the full recipe: Perfect Pancakes


, Top 4 Pancake RecipesFluffy American Pancakes:

Like your pancakes fluffy and light? These American pancakes are sure to do the treat made with proper, old fashioned pancake ingredients. This recipe is quick and easy to make and completely foolproof. This is the best way to achieve the perfect American style pancakes.

We recommend you serve these with Maple Syrup and a few slices of Bacon.

Follow the link to get the recipe and make your very own: Fluffy American Pancakes


, Top 4 Pancake RecipesJoe Wick’s (The Body Coach) Protein Pancakes:

If you’re a big gym-aholic then these are the pancakes for you! The Body Coach Protein Pancakes can be enjoyed as a post-workout treat and is packed full of essential protein and ingredients to make you feel and look good. Enjoy these after working up a sweat.

Follow the link to whizz up these protein packed pancakes: Protein Pancakes


, Top 4 Pancake RecipesGluten Free Pancakes:

This is an excellent pancake recipe who have a gluten free diet. Not only is this a great recipe, but you can purchase your Gluten Free Flour from the website and get prepared for Pancake Day.

Follow the link to get the recipe for these great gluten free pancakes: Doves Farm Gluten Free Pancakes



Whilst writing this blog, we came across this article which outlines the 5 common mistakes which are ruining pancakes. This article is written by Farmdrop who have given tips on how to avoid any mistakes and how to make your pancakes the best they can be. I’m sure like us you want to ensure that your pancakes are absolutely perfect ready for the competition so here is the link to the article: 5 most common mistakes that are ruining your pancakes 

Good luck to everyone who enters our Pancake Competition! Make sure you use the hashtag #rrpancakecomp and tag us in your posts. We wish you all a Happy Pancake Day!