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Our time at Christmas in July 2017!

It’s that time again…

When someone decides that it’s time to mess with us and put Christmas in July! Setting up our Christmas tree and wrapping our curing kits was only the start of this year’s Christmas in July Festival at Victoria House in London. Although the thought of Christmas so early is slightly mind-boggling, we had a wonderful time and met so many amazing people in which we hope to work closely with in the future.

The start of the road –

We made our way down to the big city on Tuesday to set up our amazing stand in which one of the Ross’s took a lot of time thinking about. The stand was pretty incredible… We even had our own fireplace, Christmas tree, and presents under the tree! It took the whole day to set-up to make the stand look overly Christmassy and to get everyone in that merry mood.

, Our time at Christmas in July 2017!

Day 1 begins –

So everyone knows how busy it is around London and we had an interesting experience getting on the tube… This was my first time on a tube in London and I didn’t realise how busy it would actually be! From my colleague’s train pass not working, myself standing on the wrong side of the escalator and my personal space definitely being invaded on the tube it was definitely a funny experience. Anyway, so we finally arrive at Victoria House and all the businesses stands look amazing and very Christmassy. We were neighboured with JoJo Maman BeBe, Twilight Trees, Bubblegum Balloons and Not-Another-Bill. All of these businesses were amazing and we got on really with them and had a lot of fun going around eating tasters of food given to us and listening to Christmassy tunes.

The day consisted of talking to various journalists, bloggers and other businesses around the event which was very useful and informative. We gained many important contacts to us including, Mail Online; Waitrose and ITV. We very much enjoyed chatting to everyone and telling them about our unique and exciting business. People were particularly drawn in by our ‘Man Boxes’, maybe because they know how difficult it is to buy for men and how perfect this gift is for them! Another big interest was obviously our curing kits, in which people thought it was a great idea for getting on the ‘D.I.Y at home’ trend. Everyone loved our stand and were even taking pictures for interior design ideas, in which Ross.B was certainly not blagging about. The day was overall very productive and successful and we were ready to start day 2.

Coming to an end –

With aching feet but smiling faces and a positive attitude we were up and ready to start day 2 of Christmas in July. We began with our goals of the day and wanted this day to be as successful as day 1. We continued connecting with other businesses, chatting to bloggers/influencers and journalists. We even saw a star from Made In Chelsea, in which I captured a very blurry picture of, so it doesn’t make the cut today I’m afraid.

Everyone was still in good spirits and we had our Christmas music blaring. There was even elves on skates gliding through the event!

, Our time at Christmas in July 2017!

Yes… Elves! They were really trying to promote this Christmas in July thing. And we got them to take a picture in our very own personalised Instagram frame. We actually tried to get everyone in our frame which you can find the pictures on our Facebook page. So the day was coming to an end and we achieved our goals of the day. We spoke to many more important contacts, chatted to the businesses at the event and enjoyed lots of food and drink offered to us by other businesses. So shoutout to Pleese Cakes, Monkey Shoulder and Teapigs for keeping us very happy throughout the two days. We ended the day with a bottle or Prosecco provided by the Christmas in July organisers which was an amazing ending to a great 2 days!

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