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Tequila Recipe

Happy National Tequila Day! Get the lime and salt at the ready! We’re very excited about it being National Tequila Day as we use Tequila as apart of our work, and love trying out new cocktail recipes featuring Tequila.

At Ross & Ross Food we cater for a wide range of Events and Weddings, and have our very own Bar where we create a variety of cocktails for the guests to enjoy. One of our most favourite Tequilas to use on our Bar is El Espolón Reposado Tequila. The Reposado starts off life as a Tequila Blanco which is then left in lightly charred, new American Oak Barrels to create a more rounded flavour.

El Espolón is handcrafted in Los Altos, the home of Tequila and where Blue Agave the main ingredient of Tequila is grown. Cirilo Oropeza, master distiller and founder, created the unique blend at Destiladora San Nicolas, the home of Espolón which began in 1995. When creating the Tequila, Oropeza not only wanted to create a blend that was like no other, but also wanted to capture the traditional Mexican culture and history which can be found on the design of the bottle. For instance, on each bottle of Espolón features an image of a rooster, known to the Espolón family as Ramón and represents the flavours evident in the Tequila which add that ‘little spur’, just like the rooster.

The artwork on the bottle’s label tells a story of Mexican history and each bottle captures a different moment in time. The bottle we’ve shown tells a story of an old Mexican marketplace. The scene represents the importance of market towns in Mexico and how culture meets commerce, and people from around the area come together. The two main characters in this story, Guadalupe and Rosarita, are guided by Ramón who teaches them to keep the important culture and traditions alive.

Due to it’s complex flavour, this is the perfect Tequila to make cocktails with, and one of our favourite cocktails to make with this Tequila is ‘Picante de la Casa’. If you’d like to have a go at making this cocktail yourself, follow the recipe below:

, Tequila Recipe

Picante de la Casa
50ml El Espolón Reposado Tequila
25ml Lime Juice
20ml Agave syrup
1 (1/4″ piece) Red Chilli
12 Coriander leaves
– Muddle the Tequila, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup, 1/4″ piece of Chilli and Coriander in a cocktail shaker.
– Add ice and shake vigorously.
– Pour into a rocks glass with ice then garnish with some chilli circles and corriander sprig.
Let us know if you try out this cocktail by posting a picture on social media, use the hashtag #nationaltequiladay and tag us @rossandrossfood! Will you be celebrating National Tequila Day, and what will you be doing?
Look out for more fantastic cocktail recipes on all our social media, and for amazing new images of our Bar. If you want more information about our Bar Packages follow the link below:
Happy National Tequila Day!