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Steak Recipe

, Steak Recipe

If you’ve read our other recent blogs this week you may have noticed a running theme of BBQ. There is method behind our madness… It was the start of UKBBQWEEK, Caribbean Food Week and National Burger Day and we have given you some delicious recipes for you to try at home. Today we have decided to mix a British favourite… Steak and our own BBQ Salt which has just won 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards. We have also provided you with some information about selecting the best quality bit of meat you can get!

Firstly, source the best steak you can afford. It is a matter of quality over quantity. Try and pay that little more to ensure great quality and taste. You may get a little less than in a supermarket but the flavour is far superior and surely that is what it is all about. And being fed on grass gives an incredible taste in the fat.

We have gone for a 32-day Himalayan Salt chamber aged Grass Fed Longhorn Ribeye steak (bit of a mouthful) from Martins Meats in Toddington, Gloucestershire. Not only do they produce incredible rare breed meat they are also multiple Great Taste Award winners and just won ‘World’s Best Grass Fed Steak’ in the World Steak Challenge 2017. And they are just down the road from our kitchen… how convenient!!

Martins Meats use traditional breeds of cattle like Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and in particular Longhorns which are Britain’s oldest breed of cattle. The reason why their beef is so good is because, unlike most large producers who use continental cattle which are intensely farmed and very lean, they use traditional breeds, which are not intensely farmed and have a much more succulent flavour and marbling in the meat, as well as a finer grain, all of which adds to the flavour and the tenderness of the meat.

We chose the Longhorn for the white dry fat, real deep beefy flavour and fantastic marbling. They have an amazing Salt Chamber for dry aging the meat. They use Himalayan pink rock salt, which impregnates the meat and adds extra flavour. It also allows them to age the meat for up to 60 days for their ultimate cuts. 

So, let’s give you what you really want… , Steak Recipe

Serves: 2-3            

Prep time: 10 mins heating the BBQ             

Time cooking: 10 mins               

Resting: 10 Mins

You will need:

500g Ribeye (thick cut)

Ross & Ross BBQ Salt – Original

British Rapeseed Oil (we use Ross & Ross BBQ Oil)

British unsalted butter

Bunch of tied Thyme


  1. Take the steak out of the fridge at least two hours before cooking and leave covered and somewhere cool. This will ensure a nice even temperature in the middle of the steak.
  2. Light the charcoal on the BBQ. We use Oxford Charcoal (Hardwood blend) and a chimney starter. And simply rip off some of the paper bag to light the charcoal. Always avoid any lighter fluid or lighter blocks as this just taints the food.
  3. Once red hot set the grill over to heat through for five minutes.
  4. Take the steak and oil lightly with British rapeseed oil (we use our infused BBQ Oil.
  5. Season the steak on one side and around the sides. We use our 2 Star Great Taste Award winning BBQ Salt (a mix of the finest Anglesey sea salt, charcoal, garlic and smoke.
  6. Place the steak on the hot grill, seasoned side down. Leave for one minute to start forming a crust.
  7. Then season the top of the steak and flip over. Cook for one more minute. We like to baste the steak with a thyme brush and softened butter.
  8. Then cook the sides.
  9. Then move back on the first side for another minute and then the other side. Keep basting. Either test for the doneness with your fingers (if you are confident) or use a temp probe. Aiming for medium rare or 58◦c. Or cook to your preferred doneness.
  10. Then the most important part. Rest. Leave the steak to rest, loosely covered, for at least 10 minutes somewhere warmish.

Give this recipe a go and let us know what you think in the comments below and take a pic and tag us @rossandrossfood on social media. Enjoy the rest of UKBBQWEEK and get ready for British Lamb Week on 1st September, we will be giving you another amazing recipe.

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