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Pates and terrines are the aristocrats of charcuterie in my mind.

I don’t understand why us Brits don’t have them as a must-have on our shopping list.

Great for that quick, hassle (and washing-up) free lunch with a hunk of fresh bread and some cornichons.

For that easy starter at your dinner party, yes please.

And if you are like me wondering what to put into your kids packed lunch on a Monday morning, pate makes a great sandwich filler.

Ham hock is my boys’ fave.

We love pate and terrines so much that we want the whole country eating them.

So we have been thinking about how we get our pates and terrines more exposure.

And then we found this little beauty:

Britain’s Top Supplier.

Would you Adam and Eve it,  we got though to the last 50 out of 400! YES!

On Thursday 20th  February 2014, we get to show our passion and love to the big guns and hopefully meet top chef Tom Kerridge of the Hand and Flowers who is one of the judges.

If you haven’t heard of this man, where have you been??!! He can cook and we think his style rocks – inherently British, gutsy, flavourful and essentially simple food that you just want to scoff.

Pate, Pate

We are hoping the big man and the rest of the judges see our passion for pates and terrines and the love for food we want to share.

So again cross all your fingers and toes for us and we will update you all when we know more.

I will be posting a simple terrine recipe next week for you all to try and enjoy, and if you cant be arsed, just buy ours.  Easy.

Till next time

Ross W