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Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!

Pancake Day has officially been and gone. Did you have a good Pancake Day and make loads of pancakes? At Ross & Ross Food we had a great time making a variety of pancakes, trying new pancake flavour combinations and tucking into what we made. We tried sweet and savoury, which included Blueberry Pancakes and Salmon & Cream Cheese Pancakes. It was a fun day in the office for everyone!

, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!

Pancake Day marked the return of our annual Pancake Day Competition where everyone has the chance to show off their pancakes and be in with the chance of winning a prize. This year we enlisted the help of Georgie from Cotswold Create to judge our competition. We’d like to say a big thank you to Georgie for taking timeout of her busy schedule to judge our Pancake Day competition, and choose our 3 winners. We urge that you go and check out Georgie’s blog Cotswold Create. This is great way to find out what’s going on in the Cotswold’s and where are the best places to visit in the area. Every blog entry is written fantastically and we love reading them. Follow the links: Cotswold Create.
This year we saw some great entries and a great variety of flavours, and it’s been great to see the imagination and pancake making talent! Well done to everyone who got involved in our competition. Us and Georgie were very impressed.

This year we have 3 winners who will all be receiving their very own Homemade Curing Kit…Salmon which won Gift of the Year 2017! This kit an easy way to cure your own Salmon within 3 days. All you need to do is get your Salmon, rub in a cure, leave in the fridge for 3 days and DONE!
Now to the part which everyone has been waiting for…us announcing the winners of the Ross & Ross Food Pancake Competition 2017. Georgie looked at all the entries and has made her final decision on who she would like to win. We are really happy with her choices and deserve to win. The winners are…Sharon Holland (@shrnhllnd), Gracey (@heartshapedanythings) and Rebecca Jane Roberts (@bexamondo_slimmingworld)!

, Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!                                   , Pancake Day Competition 2017 Results!

Congratulations! We’ll be in touch soon about receiving your Homemade Curing Kit…Salmon. Us and Georgie were very impressed with your creations, and Georgie couldn’t resist how cute Sharon’s daughter looked in that picture! Well done for entering guys.

Look out next week for our new blog entry and about what we’ve been up to recently.