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Our I Heart Bacon Gift Range For Bacon Lovers Everywhere

Our I Heart Bacon Gift Range is perfect for any food lover in your life.

For food lovers, having items that remind them of their favourite foods is a dream. This makes giving such people the best gifts easier. Even though there are multiple stores selling foodie gift products, it’s best to choose carefully to ensure that the product you are gifting is of the very highest quality.

Here at Ross and Ross, we source the finest local ingredients for our foodie gift sets. Our website has a wide range of items, including our I Heart Bacon range of products, which means that you will find just what you need, whether it is a food-related item or not.

Bacon Gift Range, Our I Heart Bacon Gift Range For Bacon Lovers Everywhere

Get Cooking With The I Heart Bacon Apron

One of the best products you should consider buying is our I Heart Bacon Apron. There is also t-shirts with the same slogan so you can show off your love of all things bacon in the kitchen and whilst out and about.

Our aprons are perfect for those who love cooking, whether on a personal or professional level. When combined with I heart bacon t-shirts, you will find perfect gifts that your loved ones are bound to appreciate. Some of the reasons why these products are great are the overall quality and style. You don’t just get products that you’ll be proud to wear and show off. You also get products that don’t fade or tear easily and therefore remain in perfect shape for longer.

Try Curing Bacon At Home

Another great range of gifts are our Homemade Curing Kits, ideal for those who like to experiment with different types of cooking. Available in different types and flavours, you will find the right kit for you—these kits are the perfect tools for those who want to hone their meat cutting and cooking skills.

Summer is just around the corner so we must forget to mention our great range of barbecue products. These come in a wide variety suitable for each person’s preference. You can either get a BBQ man box that contains all the products such as salts, jams, and sauces that are spicy or plain. Also, you can select products individually to your taste. Our barbecue hampers are a popular summer gift and offer a range of options.

Ross and Ross’  range of gift products also extend to roasted items for those who don’t want barbecue. You will find different types of glaze and rubs in this category of products, which means that your only task will be to find out what the person you’re giving the gift to likes the most. You could also get different samples to make your gift more meaningful. For those who don’t like cooking, this platform takes care of your needs by providing man box collection, which contains different products ranging from beer to Salami.

See Our Full I Heart Bacon Gift Range

Our I Heart Bacon gifts aren’t just meant to be given to other people. Why not treat yourself and improve the quality of your meals as you impress your family and friends. All the products come in different sizes at different prices and are also suitable for family settings as well as individuals. Whatever your favourite food is, Ross & Ross has all the right products for you.

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