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National Burger Day Competition

At Ross & Ross we will be celebrating National Burger Day on the 25th August 2016, as we love all things BBQ! It gives us an excuse to make our favourite burgers, and enjoy them at the end of the working day., National Burger Day Competition

This year we will be holding a competition leading up to the national holiday. We are giving nine people the opportunity to win two single day tickets to the Foodies Festival held at Alexandra Palace from the 27th-29th August. This is an exciting opportunity for food and festival lovers alike. The festival will feature popular chefs, live music and pop-up restaurants, so you won’t be left hungry! Our Ross & Ross pop-up shop will be appearing at the event, allowing you and others to enjoy our various food products.

You can enter our National Burger Day competition on either Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, all you need to do is comment on our post what your ultimate burger toppings are, and share our competition post. On our Twitter, simply tag us in your post and tell us your favourite burger toppings, use the hashtag #enhanceyourBBQ, and retweet our competition post.

I went around the office asking everyone what burger toppings they would choose:

Ross Bearman (Director) loves a meat filled burger, and would top his with succulent pulled pork. Ross’ favourite BBQ Slow Cooked Pork recipe features on our website. If you’re interested in creating this burger yourself, simply click the link.

, National Burger Day Competition

Ross Whitmill (Director and Chef) is a fan of surf and turf, so he decided to incorporate prawns into his burger. We have a delicious recipe for BBQ Sweet Chilli and Lime Prawns  on our website if you prefer a surf and turf option yourself.

, National Burger Day Competition

Becca (Events Co-Ordinator) likes her burger plain and simple, and opts for a cheese topping. One of Becca’s favourite cheeses comes from King Stone Dairy in Little Rollright, made by Antony and David five minutes down the road from us. The Rollright Cheese is a washed rind cheese made from cows milk, which melts like butter when teamed with a sizzling hot burger. To find out more about Rollright Cheese, click on their name to be redirected to their Facebook page, or click the following link to their website: 

My ultimate burger is different from the other’s. Instead of a beef burger, I chose a seasoned salmon fillet topped with slices of avocado. I like some spice in my food, so I would add some hot chilli sauce for that extra kick! My favourite hot sauce comes from Pip’s, which has a slow burn, and offers a great smoky flavour. The specific hot sauce I enjoy is La Boca Del Diablo. If you would like to look further at this fiery product, simply click their name to be taken to their website. This hot sauce goes well with our BBQ Cajun Salmon recipe if you are a spice lover. The salmon recipe can be found on our website by clicking on the link.

, National Burger Day Competition

If you so happen to be making your perfect burger, or try out any of the recipes we’ve suggested, tag us on the following:

Facebook: rossandrossfood

Twitter: @rossandrossfood

Instagram: @rossandrossfood

Pinterest: @rossandrossfood

Use the hashtag #enhanceyourBBQ to get your creations trending.

, National Burger Day Competition

You have from now until the 9am on the 24th August to post in your entries, when the winners will be revealed. We will contact the winners for their address to post the tickets. We cannot wait to see the creative toppings you choose. Good luck!