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Last time at LASSCO and BBC Good Food Show!

, Last time at LASSCO and BBC Good Food Show!Last week proved to be incredibly busy weekend for both our Events team and Marketing team with BBC Good Food show and our last two nights at LASSCO Three Pigeons Inn.

We appeared at the BBC Good Food show held at the NEC Birmingham from the 24th-27th November. This marked our last retail show of the year after our multiple appearances over the course of November. As with every retail show this past month, we displayed our Homemade Curing Kit range, with the addition of a few of our BBQ products including our BBQ Jams and BBQ Rubs. Many guests visited us to find out more about our unique curing kits, whereas others came to the event specifically to buy their very own curing kit and to see how the business is doing. The Good Food show also gave us an opportunity to discover new, upcoming companies and what they are selling, and there were some extremely impressive stalls. We bumped into our friends over at Tyga who were promoting their sensational spices, as well as Sanjay and his mum over at the Spice Kitchen brewing up some of their soothing Chai. The shows throughout the event were incredible, as voiced by many of our customers and others we spoke to. Overall the BBC Good Food Show proved to be very successful this year; we had a really enjoyable time and got to meet some amazing people whilst there.

, Last time at LASSCO and BBC Good Food Show!The same weekend marked our final two nights at the extraordinary LASSCO Three Pigeons Inn. Our two previous evenings at the venue proved to be a massive hit and we heard nothing but positive feedback from all our guests about how exquisite the food was. Our chefs had prepared a new menu especially for that weekend and for a new guests.

, Last time at LASSCO and BBC Good Food Show!To start, our chefs prepared a Hot Smoked Salmon, Celeriac & Horseradish Remoulade, Beetroot & Lemon Caper Dressing. The heat from the Horseradish contrasted added to the smoky flavours of the Salmon. There was an abundance of flavour in this dish including the sourness from both the Beetroot and Lemon. Afterwards, guests were served Burrata, Blood Orange & Coriander Oil. This Italian cheese is silky smooth and works extremely well the the citrus, sweet flavours from the Blood Orange which matched well with the notes given off by the Coriander along with a roasted taste. For their main, guests tucked into Venison Loin, Spinach & Watercress Puree, Boulangere Potatoes, Jus & Buttered Kale. With a variation of flavours and textures, this course offered the guests the perfect hearty meal everyone loves to enjoy in Winter. To finish, slices of Treacle Tart & Cream were served to our guests to add some sweetness to evening. Like the main course, this was a great source of comfort food that everyone desires this time of year. After the meal, the guests enjoyed the rest of their evening with drinks from the bar.

, Last time at LASSCO and BBC Good Food Show!
Overall our four nights at LASSCO Three Pigeons Inn was enjoyable, and it was great to see our guests thoroughly enjoy the food they were served and having the opportunity to try something out of their comfort zone. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the team at LASSCO Three Pigeons Inn for allowing us to pop over to your unique establishment and work together to provide everyone with a lovely evening with exceptional food. Well done to the Events team at Ross & Ross Food for putting on such a great show and evoking the high quality service we believe so strongly in.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and there will be more from us next week!