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June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days

                june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days

June is nearly over and we’re officially halfway through the year. Is it just me or does it feel almost unfair that the days are already getting shorter? Anyway, all panic at the passing of time aside, we’ve had ANOTHER crazy month here (I know, big surprise, sorry not sorry), so I’m going to tell you all about it here. Also if you scroll on down, Ross W has given you a recipe that’s perfect for those upcoming summer picnics (hello heatwave) and takes us back to our pate-making days! We’ve also got a delicious recipe for the ultimate summer picnic show stopper, one that’s bound to impress but is easy peasy to make – the best kind.


june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days

This week marked one month until our big summer pop-up event, The Orchard Feast which we’re really excited about! From the 24th-26th July, we’re going to be serving up five courses of the Cotswolds’ finest fare in the most gorgeous setting – Fern Farm in Adlestrop. With views out over the countryside and a menu to suit everyone (choose between the main menu and the vegetarian version, with a children’s menu available for under 12s), it’s going to be a super relaxed event with some truly delicious food. We want to see you all there so go get your tickets now, they’re selling fast!

june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days

With June came the second biggest gifting occasion of the year – Father’s Day. As a company that specialises in gifts for men, it’s one of our busiest times of the year so we went in with expectations of long days and excessive amounts of pizza to get us through. With a couple of new gift boxes launched over the last month or so, we were prepared; ready for even the pickiest and most difficult-to-buy-for dads. And then the orders started flooding in… Long story short, last week was our 4th busiest ever week so we spent Father’s Day weekend horizontal, napping, and basically ignoring our own Fathers. Hey ho, worth it!

June is also been a big birthday month here, with both Zoe and I (Megan) clocking up another year in the last few days. Now at the grand old ages of 23 and 21 respectively, we celebrated by working just as hard as ever, but with an icy gin cocktail in hand. Update: We now plan to do that more often anyway and highly recommend it to you all.

june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days

It’s been a busy month for the events team as well, with street food and weddings every weekend. We went to Bitten Street’s night market and the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival, and we catered the most gorgeous festival-style wedding with some delicious warming food that kept them all going til morning!


June recipe – Perfect Pork Terrine


750g Diced Pork

750g Minced Pork

100ml Sherry

30g Soft Butter

10 Rashers of Bacon

20 Basil Leaves



1 – Put the pork, sherry and butter into a bowl and mix together. Leave for one hour.

2 – Grease your terrine mould (any long rectangular dish will do) and line it vertically with bacon, leaving half of the rasher folded over the outside of the mould.

3 – Fill half the terrine mould with the pork mixture, then cover with the basil leaves. Add the rest of the pork mixture on top.

4 – Pull the leftover half of the bacon over the top of the mixture, so that it is entirely wrapped in bacon.

5 – Cook in a bain marie in the oven for 1 and a half hours on 200 degrees.

6 – When it is ready, take it out of the oven. Put a weight (a large book for example) on top of the terrine and leave to cool.

7 – Slice and serve! I love it with a fresh green salad at a picnic.


We’d love to see how you got on with our June recipe so let us know how it goes!

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june, June Newsletter – Father’s Day, Birthdays and Big Days