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International Beer Day

Its our favourite day! Its International Beer Day and we are super excited because it gives us a chance to drink beer and we don’t have to feel bad about it! Today is a chance for all the those beer lovers out there to enjoy the wonderful taste of all the different beers on offer. Lucky for you we have found some ways for you to celebrate this special day.

If you didn’t know this already, pubs all around the UK are celebrating today so call one of them and find out how you can be a part of the beer frenzy…

Follow the tradition by buying your friend a beer today and don’t forget to give it with the words “I bring you the gift of beer”, just make sure you get one in return!

Why not try beers from other cultures – Here is a website link to the wonderful beers all around the world.

Want some cheeky facts about beer to show off a little?

  1. Ancient Egyptians consumed 4 liters of beer a day whilst building the Pyramids!
  2. As the Czech Republic is the beer drinking capital of the world they must live up to their name right? Well they do indeed… Each Czech drinks about 40 gallons of beer a year! Anyone want a holiday?
  3. Beer contains a high level of Silicon which increases the calcium deposits and minerals for healthy bone tissue. Who said beer was bad for you?!

We will be celebrating today with a pint of The Cotswold pig made by Stratford Upon Avon Brewery. We stock these beers in our amazing gift boxes! So why not celebrate today with a pint of this and some delicious snacks from our Man Boxes


, International Beer Day

This beer is so good it got awarded 2 stars by The Great Taste Awards and the judges stated they “could drink this beer all night”. You don’t want to miss out do you?

So after finding out things I never knew about beer I am ready to start drinking… Let us know what you did today in the comments below, or find us on social media and show us a picture of your chosen beer. I wish you a Happy International Beer Day and I hope you enjoyed this blog.