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How to make the best Brussels Sprouts ever!

brussel sprouts, How to make the best Brussels Sprouts ever!

For today’s blog we are giving you a delicious Dusted Brussels Sprout recipe using our very own Brussels Sprout Dust.

This deliciously fragranced dust has been created to liven up the boring, old brussels sprouts to create the ultimate irresistible sprouts that no one will complain about! The dust includes: ginger, garlic, chilli, cumin, coriander, cardamon and paprika. All of these spices have been combined together to create a delicious Indian flavour dust to cook with the sprouts. Your guests will be coming back for more…



  1. Trim Brussels Sprouts
  2. Par boil in salted water for around five minutes
  3. Drain and cut in half lengthways
  4. Heat pan on stove with a dash of oil
  5. Add the sprouts, butter and dust
  6. Toss then dust again
  7. Cook for around five minutes
  8. Serve

These dusted sprouts are perfect for obliterating the negative view of the boring brussels! You’ll have them coming back for more…

We hope you enjoyed this recipe and post some comments below. You can also tag us on social media @rossandrossfood to show us some pics of the end result! If you liked this recipe then you will love our Roast Potato recipe which matches the sprouts perfectly! You can find this recipe here.

brussel sprouts, How to make the best Brussels Sprouts ever!

About the Roasts range:

The new range was created with the idea to liven up the classic Sunday dinner trimmings. For example those roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and your ultimate roast dinner meats. Within this range we have things like ‘Pigs in Blankets Dust‘, ‘Roast Ham Glaze‘ and even a ‘Brussels Sprout Dust’!.

The entire new range was intended to wow your dinner guests for the whole year round… You could use the ‘Roast Potato Oil’ for your Sunday dinner, or the ‘Pigs in Blankets Dust’ for dinner parties. The new range really is pretty spectacular, don’t you think?