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Gifts For Dad’s

Happy Father’s Day! We hope everyone got their Dad a special gift?

When I was finding out some information on Father’s Day, I found a couple of cool facts. Did you know that there are around 1.5bn fathers worldwide, and the most popular Father’s Day gift is a necktie? I’m sure your Dad would much rather get his hands on one of our Best Dad Ever Boxes!

At Ross & Ross Food, Father’s Day has always been an important time in the year for us. We work incredibly hard to create handmade British gifts for people to gift to the very important people in their lives. We have worked with multiple local producers to source the best quality produce to put into our gift boxes. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

, Gifts For Dad’sThis year, we wanted to create a more personal gift for people to give to their Dad on Father’s Day. People love the idea of the Man Box which comes with an abundance of Artisan treats, such as Mr Trotter’s Pork Scratchings, Charcuterie made by the Cotswold Curer, a bottle of great quality Premium Cotswold Lager by the Cotswold Brew Co., and our very own Smoked Apple Chutney. From this idea we created the ‘Happy Father’s Day’ Box and our ‘Best Dad Ever’ Box. These boxes include great Artisan snacks such as those mentioned before, but with a more personal touch. What Dad wouldn’t love to see it written that he is the Best Dad Ever?

Not on the High Street approached us and asked if we wanted to get involved in their Father’s Day campaign, and shoot a s short film all about working Dads. Ross and Ross (our Directors) are both Dad’s of young children and it’s very important for them to balance their work life with their personal, family life. The team from Not on the High Street came down and were really intrigued about what we do. We all came up with many ideas to include in the video, and before we knew it we were finished!

We want to say a big thank you to the team from Not on the High Street and for choosing us to be apart of your Father’s Day campaign ‘Part Dad, Part Maker’. Watch the video below:

We can’t believe how quickly Father’s Day has come around and we hope that Dads everywhere have a great day with their friends and family.

Tag us on social media if you got your Dad one of our Father’s Day gifts!

What are you doing to celebrate Father’s Day? What did you get your Dad?

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