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Introducing our food making kits

The jury’s in, and we all agree that homemade is best. Whether you’re just starting out or have your eye on a Michelin star, Ross & Ross food making kits are an easy and enjoyable way of curing amazing meat and fish at home.

Most of your friends will be grateful if you make them a bacon sandwich. But what if after a few delicious bites, you informed them that you’d actually made the bacon yourself as well? You don’t need to be a master butcher or a Heston Blumenthal-style kitchen wizard to cure your own meats at home. In fact, our award-winning range of food making kits contain everything you need to get started curing your own meats at home – just add meat! We’ve done all the hard work for you, researching our tried and tested curing recipes and sourcing the best equipment to allow you to create deliciously cured meats at home.

food making kits, Introducing our food making kits

Why do people love food making kits?

In the age of celebrity chefs and gourmet goodies at your corner shop, we’re all on a quest to create amazing meals for our friends and family. Food making kits take this to the next level, allowing you to create your own artisan ingredients. They take the hassle out of sourcing equipment by providing it all within a kit and include detailed instructions that even the most novice chef can get along with. The result is allowing home cooks to tackle new culinary challenges in their own home, with some very delicious results! It’s never been easier to cure your own meats at home.

food making kits, Introducing our food making kits

Our most popular food making kits

Makin’ bacon at home

What do you think of supermarket bacon? It’s better than no bacon at all, but the fact that it is pumped full of brine (essentially salt water) means that it produces an icky white foam when you cook it, and much of what you are paying for is water! We think that we can do better, and so can you. Launched in late 2014, the Homemade Bacon Curing Kit contains everything you need to cure your own Original, Sweet and Smoky Bacon at home. You just need to do is add a nice piece of pork belly and clear a space in your fridge. It has already gone down an absolute storm with bacon lovers around the country, with both the Independent and Stylist choosing it as one of their favourite gifts.

One of our most popular food making kits, inside your package you will find:

  • 3 x 30g curing mixes – original, sweet and smoky
  • 3 x curing bags: 30cm (Length) x 20cm (Width)
  • 1 x muslin: 43″ (Length) x 11.5″ (Width)
  • 6 x plastic gloves
  • 1 x butchers hook
  • Easy-to-follow instructions in a handy booklet

food making kits, Introducing our food making kits

Fishing for compliments? Cure your own salmon

Smoked salmon is one of our favourite treats as part of a spectacular brunch spread or piled into a bagel with lashings of cream cheese. We created the Homemade Salmon Curing Kit to allow our customers to create their own deliciously cured salmon at home. It’s your opportunity to become a genuine artisan British food producer in your own kitchen, as the kit contains everything you’ll need to begin turning salmon into a gourmet masterpiece. A quick visit to your local fishmonger – they’ll be able to advise on the best fish for the task – and you’ll be creating premier smoked salmon in no time.

food making kits, Introducing our food making kits

The Homemade Curing Kit… Salmon contains:

  • 3 x 30g curing salt mixes – Gin, Smoky, Beetroot
  • 3 x Curing bags: 30cm (Length) x 20cm (Width)
  • 6 x Plastic gloves
  • Easy-to-follow instructions in a handy booklet