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Pancake Recipe

Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe  Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe  Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe


It’s finally here everyone. Finally. The best day of the year (according to me anyway), PANCAKE DAY. Valentines has been and gone and now we have a day that rather handily combines excessive amounts of pancakes with excessive amounts of chocolate on sale.


I spoke to the rest of the team (this lovely lot) and after a debate that went on almost weirdly long, we finally decided on our favourite toppings. Zoe likes the classic nutella and banana, Ross Whitmill goes for lemon and sugar, Ross Bearman prefers the slightly controversial maple syrup and pecans. Ben went full Canadian and decided on maple syrup and bacon. Mine drew disgusted noises from all around but I promise is genuinely a taste sensation – raspberry vinegar and sugar. Don’t judge me until you’ve tried it.


I had a very serious pancake conversation with Chef Ross and he gave me his best tried and tested pancake recipe. He swears by Delia (even though he’s worked with Raymond Blanc), and says it’s completely fool proof so perfect to unleash the kids on. Here’s the recipe: .


So now you have the recipe, you need something to do with the piles of perfect pancakes it’ll churn out, and I have the perfect solution for just that problem. Get creative. Have a look on our Facebook page (here) for some inspiration, then make your own designs, take a photo and send them in to us! The best pancake will win a Homemade Curing Kit… Bacon (have a look at one of those here), and this year we’ve brought in some special judges to assist with the decision making process, as we’ve already received a loooot of pretty flipping good entries! (Sorry not sorry for the pancake pun).


Here’s some of the entries we’ve already had to inspire you, can’t wait to see yours! Send them in to our Facebook page and we’ll publish them to share the pancake love. Get cooking people!

Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe  Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe  Pancake Day, Pancake Recipe