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Diets, Detoxes & Downright Dullness!

YAAAAWWWWWN! We’ve heard enough about Diets, Detoxes & Downright Dullness here at Ross & Ross HQ. We like to think of Christmas as hard-core training for a January Foodathon. We’ve put in the work; our stomachs are stretched to their full potentials, livers are functioning on top-form & our metabolisms are surely performing at record speed (no?). The nights are still dark & the days are still dismal, but unlike December, we lack the excuse of Christmas Festivities as a reason to stuff ourselves silly & drink until we’re (a bit too!) jolly!

 So it seems only natural that we should ward-off the so-called ‘January Blues’ with a little help from our oldest, most reliable friend.  The one that has been there for us over the Festive Season, helping us slip through Christmas & New Year in a happy stupor of cosiness & comfort. The one that we turn to throughout December to help us celebrate. And the one that nurses us through our hangovers when we’ve celebrated a little too hard… FOOD.

 And it seems we’re not alone in thinking it! The fabulous food-lover Sophie Law (106 Jack FM) has been indulging in her Ross & Ross Home-Cured Bacon ( for breakfast, along with delicious home-grown Mushrooms from GroCycle ( Good for the environment AND our breakfast plate, GroCycle use recycled Coffee Grounds to cultivate the tastiest Oyster Mushrooms. What could be more satisfying than pioneering your own brunch ingredients for a seriously comforting feast!

, Diets, Detoxes & Downright Dullness!

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Puddings have certainly not been left behind either! We’ve been serving up Warm Rum & Ginger Cake with Marmalade Oranges & Vanilla Ice Cream. (If you’re partaking in Dryuary, I’m almost certain that the booze in this one doesn’t count as cheating…Does it?!) And, of course, my favourite-Sticky Toffee Pudding!

, Diets, Detoxes & Downright Dullness!

Lay off the Green Tea & Juices for a little while longer. Tuck into a Bacon Butty on a Sunday. Take a big bite of that dessert. And let it stuff you with happiness! After all, February’s a MUCH better month to start a diet…

, Diets, Detoxes & Downright Dullness!

Photo by Dan Walker

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