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Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas

How to make your own damson gin at home for Christmas!

Damson Gin, Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas

This Damson Gin recipe is the perfect winter warmer drink for the upcoming Christmas period. Perfect accompaniment to your Christmas roast or maybe on Christmas Eve, next to the fire. This Gin recipe is intended for those dedicated gin lovers and are happy to prepare this a couple of months in advance of Christmas.

This recipe only takes 10 minutes to prepare and then just leave for around 2 months to turn itself into a delicious and rich Christmas tipple. You can also download this recipe by clicking below.


View & Print Damson Gin Recipe


  • 900g damsons (damaged ones removed)
  • 700g sugar
  • 1500ml gin (two bottles)


  • Large sealable jars with lids
  • Fine muslin or sieve.


  1. Wash, then freeze the damsons in a bag. Defrost, then bash a little in the bag so they split.
  2. Put them into a sterilised jar or container with a sealable lid, layering with the sugar as you go.
  3. Fill with fruit and sugar until about halfway up the jar.
  4. Top up with gin to the brim of the jar.
  5. Shake every other day for two months so all the sugar gets properly dissolved.
  6. Strain through fine muslin or sieve and decant into bottles of your choice.
  7. Drink!
Tip: once the damson gin has been decanted, reserve the fruit, top up with sherry and leave to macerate for a couple of months and drink

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Damson Gin, Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas Damson Gin, Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas Damson Gin, Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas Damson Gin, Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas





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