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Do you offer samples for journalists and bloggers to try?
Yes, we review each request individually and can then post out samples to you. Please email marketing@rossandrossgifts.co.uk with your request.
How do I gather high-res images of your products?
Please email marketing@rossandrossgifts.co.uk stating which images you are interested in.
Do you have a Christmas Gift Guide?
Yes, please visit our 2018 page https://www.rossandrossgifts.co.uk/about-us/christmas-july-2018/
Can you provide quotes or recipe suggestions?
Yes, we would love to help. Please email marketing@rossandrossgifts.co.uk with some further details and your requirements.
How can I be added to your media list?
Please send an email with the subject ‘Please add me to you media list’ and we will add you to our mail chimp list. We send out occasional news and details of product launches and gift guides.
Are your products Gluten Free and Vegan?
All of our ingredients are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan. The ingredients in the Salmon and Bacon Homemade Curing Kits are Vegan, but as they are meant for meat and fish, we wouldn’t promote them as Vegan.
Where are your products sold online?
We are one of the largest selling food partners on Not on The High Street and our storefront can be found here https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/rossandross

We sell from our own website and also in food halls, farm shops and deli’s across the country. Other well known online shops include Yumbles, Amazon, Borough Box. Other trade websites do list our products but they are subject to seasonality.

Where can I find your press releases?
These are posted out to all national press, on our press mailing list and via Food4Media. You can also contact us at marketing@rossandrossgifts.co.uk with your request.


What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity) for free delivery?
Do you charge for delivery?
On orders above £150 we offer free delivery, below we place an additional charge of £10.
What is the shelf life of your products?
All our products are made with a 2 year shelf life. We guarantee that products will be delivered with at least 18 months on them.
Are your products Bar coded?
All our products are bar coded to GS1 specification
How soon will I get my order?
We always try to post orders the next working day to be delivered in two business days.  We can deliver next day on orders placed before 11am for an additional charge of £10.
What are your payment terms?
For first order we ask for proforma payment. Follow up orders need to be paid in 28 days from dispatch.
Why do the curing kits have 15% VAT?
The curing kits contains mixed VAT rated items (food and non-food) This is taken in to consideration as per HMRC guidelines. You can find out more HERE. Please always check with a tax expert.
Do your products have VAT?
Only the curing kits have VAT ( See “why do your curing kits have 15% VAT) all our other products are zero rated.
How do your curing kits work?
We have made a short video to show how they work. You can see them on the links Salmon Bacon We also have instruction POS for your customers.
Do you have any point of sale?
Yes, we have a section of postcards and posters, please request these when ordering and these will be sent out for free.
Do you have any images and Video we can use promoting your products to our customers on Social Media?
Yes we have a a web page where you can download photos and Marketing material  – The link is HERE
Do you ask for Proforma ( payment in advance)?
We ask for Proforma for new customers first order. For additional orders we revert to our standard terms of 28 Days.
What are your trade prices?
Please contact us  here, or email orders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk  and we can send these over to you.
I am a small shop and would like to try your products in my shop placing an order for less than £100.
We are always keen to help our customers try out our products. Please contact our sales team on orders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk and we can see how we can help.
Do you confirm orders?
Yes, We send email confirmation day that orders are sent out.
Do you track deliveries?
All our orders are send with tracking and require a signature on delivery. You should receive a tracking email on the order has been dispatched.
When I settle my bill, should I include a reference number?
Yes please!  on our invoice there will be an Invoice number. please include this in the comments when paying.
How can I pay my invoice?
On your order confirmation you will find an attached copy of your invoice along with a link to our accounts.  This includes our bank details. You can settle via bank Transfer or using a Card via paypal.
Do you offer split cases?
We will work with customers on first orders so you can try out a new product but ask going forward to order by the case.

Online order delivery

Find out more about our delivery

How long will it take for my item to get to me?
Please see our delivery page for full information.
Do you offer next-day delivery? How much?
Yes, it is £5.95 for our two Day delivery. However any orders in before 12pm will go out on the Next Day service
What delivery services do you use?
We currently use Royal Mail and UKMail.
Do you deliver outside of the UK? How long would this take and how much?
Yes. International Delivery costs £8.95 and takes 5-7 working days. However this can depend on each countries postal system and border controls.
Can I return an item if I change my mind? How long would this take and how much?
If for any reason you are not happy with the goods you have received, please contact us within 24 hours on weborders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk. Please return any goods in unused and undamaged condition within seven days of purchase, for an exchange or full refund. It is your responsibility to make sure the goods are returned to us safely and at your expense.

Returns Address:
Ross & Ross Gifts Fulfilment Warehouse,
Unit 25b Anson Business Park,
Cheltenham Road East,

My item is damaged, can I return?
Absolutely. We do our very best to make sure all items are sent out with suitable protective packaging. This can either be returned for a full refund or we can send a replacement. We will ask for a photo of the damaged item so we can show our courier to help improve their service.
I’ve received the wrong item, what do I do?
Contact weborders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk and we will get to the bottom of the straight away. We will do everything we can to get the correct item to you immediately.
Can I change the delivery address or add a message once I have placed my order?
Contact weborders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk and we will do our very best to catch the order before it leaves us.
Can I track my item?/Where is my item?
All orders will receive tracking. Then just click that to see the progress of the package. This is the exact information that we get too.
How will my item be packaged?
In double walled boxes and other suitable protective packaging if needed. The main postal box has our logo on the outside.
What if I miss the delivery and it gets sent back to you? Can I rearrange delivery?
Delivery will be between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, we are unable to confirm a time.
The delivery date will be agreed and confirmed with you and a signed acknowledgement of receipt will be required. If a receipt cannot be obtained, a card will be left with a contact number for you to collect the goods from the local courier’s depot or request another delivery date./su_spoiler]
Can I add a gift message?
Either add into the notes section on the payment page or contact use afterwards and we will arrange this for you.
Can I add a message to leave the item in a safe place?
Yes. This will be solely your responsibility if anything was to happen to your item but yes for sure. Leave a message in the notes section of the checkout.
Can I cancel my order before it has been delivered?
If you order over the online you have the legal right to cancel your order within seven working days of receipt and then providing you are able to return the goods in the original packaging and in new condition.
Amending Your Order – before dispatching of goods
In addition to your legal rights and obligations should you change your mind, you can cancel or change your order by calling us on 01386 291003 or email weborders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk up until the point of its dispatch to you or a third party.


Bacon Kits

How long does it take to cure?
You are only doing a small piece at a time so only takes four days curing and then a minimum three days hanging.
What if I don’t have the fridge space to hang the bacon?
It is only a small piece so you should find room to hang at the back of the fridge, on the shelves of side door.
What does the kit include?
Full instructions, cures, bags, gloves, muslin and hooks.
Is the meat included?
No meat is included. This is the only additional thing you need to buy at a time that is convenient for you.
How much meat do I need to buy? What type of meat do I need? Where can I buy it?
Get yourself to a good local butchers. Ask for 500g pork belly (rind and bones removed). Tell them you are making bacon and they will help you out. You can leave the rind one if you prefer.
Can I reuse the things in the box?
You can re use the muslin, hooks, instructions and box.
Can I buy refills of the cures, instead of purchasing the whole box again?
You can buy refills from our website
What’s the difference between the new and original bacon kit?
Our Original kit contains Original, Sweet and Smoky cure – the three classic cures if you like. The new one contains some really interesting new flavours. Maple & Chipotle, English Mustard & Pink peppercorn and Fennel & Juniper.
There is hair on the meat? Is this bad?
If you buy the pork with the rind still on then you may still have some hairs from the pig still on it. They are fine although you can shave them off if you don’t like them.
Some of the meat is hard around the edges? What does this mean?
During the drying process you may find that some of the edges firm up. This is still fine to eat. Although you can trim them off and use in stocks or stews.
There is some of the salt on the meat, is this okay to still eat?
Yes, this will be fine
The meat is salty, should it taste like this?
Our cures are measured out and designed to not be salty. Do ensure you follow the instructions correctly with the correct weight of meat.
How will the kit be delivered/presented?
In a gift box with a lid and sleeve wrapped around.
Any allergens?
Some of the cure have Mustard in them. Do refer to the ingredients of each product if you have any doubts
The kit didn’t include the instruction booklet, can I get a new one?
Occasionally we may have started daydreaming when we make the boxes up so are careless. If we have done this then contact weborders@rossandrossgifts.co.uk and we will send one out for you.
Expiry date?
These are made with a two year Best Before date and we say a minimum 18 months should be on your product
Is it healthier to home cure bacon?
By home curing you can find out exactly where your pork has come from and understand it has been well looked after. And then when you make the bacon you get to see all of the ingredients from start to finish. And no salty brine has been pumped into your bacon.
Is this gluten free?
Can I add my own flavours?
Yes you can add fresh herbs and spices if you like. We would recommend that you only use the cures from the Original Kit as these are plainer so the additions will work better. The other kits already have extra flavours added.
How easy is it?
Seriously simple. In short you buy pork, rub on cure, fridge for four days, hang for three days, slice and eat.
How do I cut it the bacon once cured?
A very sharp knife. If you are struggling you can pop in the freezer for 20 mins to firm up and helps with the slicing
Does it contain nitrites?
Yes, the kits contain Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite
What are nitrates?
Nitrates and nitrites are frequently added to processed meats like bacon, ham, salami, chorizo, cured sausages and hot dogs
What are nitrates?
Nitrates and nitrites are frequently added to processed meats like bacon, ham, salami, chorizo, cured sausages and hot dogs.
They function as preservatives, helping to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
They are also found naturally in foods like vegetables, foods that are generally perceived as healthy and linked to a reduced risk of cancer
Vegetables are actually the biggest dietary source of nitrates… by far. The amount you get from processed meat is small compared to vegetables
Our bodies also produce nitrates in large amounts and secrete them into saliva
Nitrates and nitrites actually circulate from the digestive system, into the blood, then into saliva and then back into the digestive system.
Why are nitrites in your kits?
These are used to help preserve the meat. They protect against potential bacteria causing Botulism and Salmonella. They give the bacon its distinct pink hue. These have been used in bacon and cured meat production for hundreds of years. There is some noise in the news about whether they cause harm. There are more present in vegetables than in the likes of bacon. The issue may come if the bacon is cooked at really high temperatures and potentially become carcinogenic especially if it becomes burnt.

There is also some evidence suggesting that if we fried the bacon at high temperatures and was stood over the pan inhaling these fumes that it could be dangerous for us. Also, if you eat four rashers every day this could also add to the list

There are lots of ifs and buts with these arguments. In short, if you cook a lot of bacon, at high temperatures and burn it and inhale the fumes everyday and eat lots of bacon everyday then you could increase your chances of it being harmful to you. We say everything in moderation and cook your bacon gently.

Can I make back bacon too?
We recommend the belly as you can ask the butcher for the right thickness. You can do back bacon and we recommend leaving it in the cure for one extra day to ensure the cures has penetrated all the way through as back bacon tends to be thicker.
Rind on or off?
We say rind off as the fat will crisp up. However, if you know you are using the very best pork, ideally rare breed, then we say leave the rind on. Because when you cook it the rind goes like crackling on the outside. Totally your call on what you like.
I have left it curing for an extra day, is this a problem?
No, the cures are designed so they don’t overcure so you will be fine.
Can I air dry for longer?
Yes, 100%. The longer you leave the bacon air drying the better it will become. However, if leaving for longer, you will need to keep the humidity of the fridge up. So it needs to dry slowly in an atmosphere where is there is moisture so it doesn’t dry too quickly. The idea place is a cellar, cheese cave or chimney. Most of us don’t have those but if you do get serious about dry aging then a separate fridge with humidity controls are great. The most important thing is getting air circulating around the bacon.
What is the best temperature to store?
Ideally 12°c. However, this is warmer than a fridge but colder than your house. A shed in the winter works brilliantly.
Can I freeze it?
Yes. And just defrost slowly in the fridge
Can I smoke it?
Yes. After you have cured it then you can cold smoke it. Then do the air drying part. Try experimenting with different woods. We particularly like apple or cherry wood for smoking bacon
How long will bacon last once cured?
I you keep it as a whole piece then indefinitely if stored in the correct conditions. Eventually it will just dry too much and go hard. This is destined for the stock pot
Do I have to store in the fridge?
To be totally safe then yes. However, as you get to understand the process then you can store in other places like a garage, a tree or a shed. When it is colder like end of Autumn and Winter with good air flow. Traditionally you would have bacon hanging in your kitchen, pantry or up a chimney. Houses were a lot colder then.
The bacon has got white mould on it, is this safe?
Without us seeing it first hand we cannot be totally sure. But it is very likely that the white bloomy would is fine. Your fridge will have lots of safe moulds in there already from vegetables and cheese. They may jump onto the bacon. Simple wipe off with some kitchen paper and some apple cider vinegar. Use your senses. If it smells and looks rancid then it is.

Salmon Kits

What does the salmon kit include?
Three brilliant cures to make three different flavours of cured salmon. Plus full instructions, bags and gloves.
What type of salmon do I need, how much and where do I buy it?
600g Salmon fillet with the skin on. Ask your local fishmonger for the correct piece. You want the same thickness across the whole piece. Look for sustainable fish. Wild salmon is great (if you can find it) or organic farmed is also good too. Remember, you want the freshest fish possible.
Can I reuse anything in the kit?
Each cure is weighed out exactly so is just there for one use.
Can I buy refills of the cures?
Link to refill cures. Yes, available on our website.
There is still salt left on the salmon, is this still okay to eat?
The salmon is salty, should it taste like this?
It should have a clean and not overly salty taste. Perhaps the salt wasn’t washed off thoroughly enough.
How will the kit be delivered/presented?
The kits come in a box with a lid and smart sleeve around it. And sent in a secure postal box.
Any allergens?
Some of the kits have sesame and mustard. Please refer to contents on the website
Expiry date?
Each kit will have at least 12 month shelf life if not much longer
Is it healthier to home cure fish?
By doing it yourself you have full control over where your fish is from and ensure no nasties are added along the way.
Gluten free?
Yes, all the kits are gluten free. We use clean ingredients. Salt, sugar and spices.
Can I add my own flavours?
Each kit has been carefully measured and designed. Maybe start to understand the process first and then start adding in say fresh herbs
Can I freeze it?
Yes, freeze as a whole piece on the day it is finished curing and eat within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge overnight.
Is this like gradvalax?
Yes. This process creates Gradvalax
Can I smoke it?
Yes, you could cold smoke each piece after it has been cured.
Does it contain alcohol?
No, the Gin cure is made from the botanicals that flavour the gin. You can add a splash of gin when the fish is curing if you like for an extra flavour.
Do I leave the skin on?
Yes. This helps protect the salmon whilst curing and the acts as a guide whilst cutting
Can I use other fish?
Sure. We have successfully used trout for this method
What advise can you give for buying salmon?
Refer to the MSC website for further info. Use the freshest fish possible and always check it is from sustainable sources.
Can I use less salmon and cure?
Not really. Each pack is designed to match the exact size of fish

Hamper/gift info

How will the hamper/gift be presented?
Each gift comes in a hamper box. And with a gift tag. See website for more details
How do I store my hamper?
All of our hampers are ambient. Somewhere cool and dark is best
Any allergens?
Please see website for each individual product
Can I swap items within the hampers?
We will do our best to swap for you if other products are available.
One of the items within the hamper has a very short expiry date? Can I return for new one?
Some of the products and suppliers we use do have shorter lead times. We aim to give at least three months shelf life on the hampers. We will happily swap for longer dates if needed
What is the expiry dates on the hampers/gifts?
We aim for three months if not a lot longer
Gluten free?
Most are but do check the website for more in depth details.