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Top 5 BBQ Recipes

Summer is finally here! Everyone’s ready to start barbecuing and have their friends and family around to enjoy a proper BBQ banquet. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get cooking? If not, then we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered the top 5 ultimate BBQ recipes for you to try out this Summer and impress […]

Top Gin Recipes

It is World Gin Day and we couldn’t be more excited! At Ross & Ross Food, Gin plays a big part in our business in both our food gifts and catering. We work very closely with The Cotswolds Distillery and use their award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin for various things. I was so excited at the […]

Ross & Ross House BBQ Sauce recipe

Ross & Ross House BBQ Sauce recipe Below is our recipe that we use for our BBQ catering events and uses some of the great new BBQ products we launched this Summer. Feel free to add a little more heat but we think this is a great all rounder. Works really well on ribs and […]

BBQ recipes

BBQ recipes from Ross & Ross Food BBQ rubs – used as a dry rub to bring out the flavours of each meat using Sweet Ribs rub for Pork using Jerk rub for Chicken using BBQ rub for Pork using Moroccan rub for Lamb using Tandoori rub for Chicken using Steak rub for Beef using […]

Mulling Syrup Recipe for Christmas

  View & Print Mulling Syrup Recipe Ross, the business founder has been adapting this recipe over the past few festive seasons and now you can try it out too. Make it now ready for Christmas! It takes about half an hour to prepare, and then you can just bottle it up and serve whenever […]

Irish Cream Liqueur Recipe for Christmas

  IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR RECIPE It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, so we thought we would share our Irish Cream Liqueur recipe. Perfect for that Christmas afternoon tipple or to share with your friends & family at your Christmas parties. It only takes a couple of minutes of prep, then you can just pop […]

Cranberry Sauce Recipe for Christmas

  CRANBERRY SAUCE RECIPE Our Cranberry Sauce Recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and rich and a great accompaniment to your Christmas turkey this year. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and then about 30 minutes to cook. You can then either pop it in jars in the cupboard or in bags straight […]

Mincemeat Recipe for Christmas

  MINCEMEAT RECIPE This mincemeat recipe is perfect for filling your mince pies with and using as a Christmas treat, throughout the day. Or, you can use as buffet food for any Christmas parties you may be hosting. This recipe is for those real foodies’, who are willing to prepare this recipe a month in […]

Pickled Onion Recipe for Christmas

  PICKLED ONIONS RECIPE This one is for those pickled onions lovers and perfect for that Christmas snacking throughout the day. Or, this is a great recipe to use as buffet food for any Christmas parties you may be hosting. Intended for those real foodie lovers and who are willing to prepare this a couple […]

Chutney Recipe for Christmas

  CHRISTMAS CHUTNEY RECIPE This Christmas Chutney Recipe is one that Ross, the business founder, has been perfecting over the last few Christmases. It’s full of delicious flavours that can be used as a sauce for the Christmas meat or even as a dip for all that leftover Christmas food. This recipe is for those […]

Damson Gin Recipe for Christmas

How to make your own damson gin at home for Christmas! This Damson Gin recipe is the perfect winter warmer drink for the upcoming Christmas period. Perfect accompaniment to your Christmas roast or maybe on Christmas Eve, next to the fire. This Gin recipe is intended for those dedicated gin lovers and are happy to […]

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