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British Pie Week

This week is British Pie Week and to celebrate we have collated a number of our absolute favourite pie recipes for you to try at home. There are many pies to choose from, whether it be savoury or sweet and the type of pastry you pie has. Vanessa and I had a long conversation about all the various types of pies that actually are and whether some actually could be considered real, proper pies.

I went around the office and asked everyone what their favourite pie is and here is what I found out:

After much deliberation, Vanessa’s favourite pie is a traditional Steak and Ale Pie with a flaky puff pastry top. This is also Ben’s favourite pie, but he prefers a full pastry case for the juicy filling to sit in. What they both agree on is that they should be accompanied by Mashed Potatoes, Veg and smothered in Gravy. The best recipe we found is one by the Hairy Biker’s. Follow the link to get the recipe and try it for yourself: Steak and Ale Pie recipe.

In contrast to Vanessa and Ben’s choice, Becca went for the sweet option of an Apple and Blackberry Pie. Becca’s favourite recipe comes from Jamie Oliver who uses two types of apples in his pie, Bramley and Cox apples. Jamie uses a sweet shortcrust and fully encases all the ingredients inside the pastry. The pie must be served with a generous dollop of custard to make it taste that extra bit tastier. To get the recipe simply follow the link: Apple and Blackberry Pie.

Our head Chef and Director, Ross Whitmill, has opted for a Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie. The pie MUST be a proper pie and act as a case for all the ingredients and NOT just have a pastry top. Not only must the pie have a full pastry case, but it must be swimming in rich gravy.

Our other Director Ross Bearman varies from everyone else, as his is not a hot pie. Ross’ favourite pie is a traditional Pork Pie. It’s a great pie as it’s small and doesn’t require heating up if you buy it from your local deli or supermarket. If you fancy making your own pie, here is great recipe to do so: Pork Pie Recipe

Sarah’s choice is very similar to Whitmill’s, as she chose a Chicken and Ham Pie. Sarah’s pie differs as she prefers a flaky puff pastry top rather than a fully encased pie. Like everyone else, Sarah agrees that a pie must be accompanied by lashings of gravy, Mashed Potato and Vegetables.

The pie I enjoy eating is a simple Chicken Pie. I recently made a Chicken Pie from the Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and it was amazing! This is a really easy recipe and the filo pastry topping goes incredibly crunchy and matches the flaky-ness of the Chicken. The mixture inside consists of Chicken (obviously), Leeks, Mushrooms and Spinach which taste amazing when cooked in the Chicken Stock. Serve this with some steamed broccoli and this makes great dish. I never really used to eat pies, until I found this recipe! To try it out for yourself follow the link: Chicken Pie by The Body Coach.

What’s your favourite pie? Is it Sweet or Savoury? What pastry do you prefer? The choice is endless! There are still 2 more days left of British Pie Week so make sure you celebrate correctly and tuck into your favourite pie.