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British Food Fortnight

Last weekend marked the start of the British Food Fortnight, organised by Love British Food. This event started in 2002, and celebrates all food and drink across Britain. It gives an opportunity to current and new, upcoming food businesses in Britain to promote their business, and the food & drink they have to offer. Not only that, but it brings a community of businesses together to show why sourcing food and drink locally is the best option for everyone.

, British Food Fortnight

As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to source food and drink locally, and the reasons why this is a much better way of getting your resources. Not only does it help the local businesses, but also increases productivity and business in the whole area, and leads to a rise in potential employment. British food fortnight increases the opportunities for collaboration with other local businesses, which leads to an increase in business and economic growth in the area.

There are many reasons why everyone should shop at local businesses when it comes to food and drink. First of all, the money you spend will go to support the local economy, meaning your community will benefit from you sourcing locally. Additionally, it is more ethical to shop at local food businesses, as you’ll know exactly where the food has come from, and you’ll be able to learn about the whole process of how it go to the store. This is much better than sourcing your food from other businesses, and having little information what you’re purchasing. Another reason to shop locally, is the more personal shopping experience, that you won’t find anywhere else. Local businesses rely on customers coming back, so they want to give you the best shopping experience as possible, and can offer useful hints and tips to help you prepare your food and drink. Customer service and good, high quality produce is at the top of every local business’ list.

, British Food Fortnight

At Ross & Ross, we have teamed with a number of local businesses, including the Cotswold Distillery (Gin), Trev Beadle (meat), Cotswold Gold (oil), Fox’s Spices (spices), and many more which you can find on our website. Click here to read more. During our time with our suppliers, we have built strong relationships, and we wouldn’t be here right now without their help, support and encouragement. It’s the amazing work of all local businesses in this area that increase the profile of the Cotswolds, and we’re part of a very strong community.

In addition to these suppliers, who we have worked a number of years with, this year we have invited a number of new suppliers in the local area, to our Wedding Pop Up Evening. This evening will feature amazing decor from Oasis Events, beautiful bouquets and flower displays from The Flower Girls and Aqua Flowers, illuminating balloons and decorations from Fairford Balloons, examples of delicious and sweet creations created by Contemporary Cake Designs, and lastly, suggestions of evening tipple from Amathus. If your interested in seeing these suppliers in action, BUY TICKETS to our Wedding Pop Up!

This is a very important event for us, and other companies alike, as it raises awareness and celebrates the work we do to offer the British public high quality and locally sourced food which is a proved better way for people to shop. We want to provide as much of this tremendous food and drink to as many people as is possible, and promote the idea of shopping at local businesses and helping not only yourselves, but your country.

, British Food Fortnight


Raise awareness and spread the word by using the hashtags:

#britishfoodfortnight and #lovebritishfood

To take a look at the products Ross & Ross offer, simply follow the link to our website and discover our wide variety of products: Ross & Ross Products

To buy tickets for our Wedding Pop Up, simply follow the link: Ross & Ross Wedding Pop Up Evening