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These Bloggers have featured Ross & Ross Food!

This year Ross & Ross Food have been featured in a number of blogs posted by a wide variety of bloggers, from lifestyle to foodie blogs. With Christmas only round the corner, there have been an abundance of Christmas Gift Guides created by bloggers to help their readers choose the perfect gifts for their loved ones this year. These guides include some of the most recently released products, and some classics which always go down a treat. Not only that, but there is something in the gift guide for everyone whether you’re a proper foodie, or whether you enjoy your gadgets. Here is an accumulation of some of the blogs where a number of our food gifts and products have been featured and been highly recommended. 

Follow one of the links below to find out what these bloggers had to say about our food gifts and why they would recommend them to a friend:

Tanya Barrow

Jane Sarchet

Meat and the City

Emma Cullen

The Cotswold Gentleman

Mostly Food and Travel Journal

Food & Drink Guide

Rebecca Coco

Super Golden Bakes

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