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April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.

 april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.

April’s nearly over and we’re now officially a third of the way through the year. WHERE IS THE TIME GOING? Spring’s in full swing and we’re getting busier and busier here at Ross & Ross HQ, so we thought we’d give you a run down of what we’ve been up to! I’ve also got a very yummy recipe from Chef Ross, so scroll on down if you want to see what he’s eating this month.

To give you the highlights, this April we’ve been judges at the Great Taste Awards (read about that here!), attended the Farm Shop & Deli Show, launched a new gift box, and got well underway with planning for two more! Never say we don’t spoil you. 

The Farmshop & Deli Show is always fun, partly because we get to see what everyone else in the industry is up to and we get first look at all the new products people are launching for Christmas (yes, I said Christmas. Yes, I know it’s April. Yes, it is mad.). But we got to show everyone what we do, so we took our Homemade Curing Kit… Bacon along and spent three days showing everyone exactly how it’s done. We also pitched the kit at Dragon’s Pantry to some big industry types and they loved it, check out Ross cooking up some samples to woo (bribe) them with!

april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.

On the catering side of the business, April has seen the start our street food year with FLAVACLASH in London’s Elephant & Castle. It was basically a team of Birmingham’s finest traders against a team of London’s best, and a battle royale to see which city had the best street food scene. The official verdict was Team London, but we object. It’s clearly Birmingham!

april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.

We also took our lovely lamb baps to Bitten Street‘s first event of the year at Oxford Castle so we’re now raring to go for the rest of the season! (For those of you that are not enlightened, the lamb bap goes as follows: 10 hour slow roasted shoulder of Cotswold lamb served in a toasted artisan bap with homemade salsa verde and crisp lettuce). If you live in the area, their street food events are in Oxford on the first Saturday of every month and they get an amazing variety of traders together – it’s a brilliant atmosphere and we always leave with considerably tighter jeans than we arrived in! 

As we start getting into summer, we’re going to be doing a lot more events like this so keep an eye out, we might be setting up our stall just down the road from you! So far in May we’re going to be at Witney Food Festival on the 16th, and Blenheim Palace Food Festival on the 23rd – 25th, and we’re also running our ever-popular Pop-Up Supper Club (tickets just launched, have a look here!) at a brand new venue in Warwickshire on the 16th as well. 

april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.

That’s it from me for now, get those street food dates in the diary because we’d LOVE to see you! And make sure you try this lovely recipe from Ross, I made it last weekend and I can personally vouch for exactly how scrummy it is. Let us know what you think of it!


Ross’ Ravishing Treacle Tart

To make the pastry:                                                                              To make the filling:                            

 260g Plain flour                                                                                        170g Fine brown breadcrumbs

 125g Diced unsalted butter                                                                    90g Butter

 35g Icing sugar                                                                                         70ml Double cream

 1 Free range egg                                                                                       2 Free range eggs

 Little bit of water to bind the pastry                                                    9.5g Salt

                                                                                                                      720g Golden syrup


Pastry Method:

1 – Sift the flour and icing sugar into a bowl.

2 – Add the diced butter and work with your hands to form a mixture that looks like fine breadcrumbs. 

3 – Whisk the egg and add to the mix. Work it until it lightly until it forms a dough, then wrap it in cling film and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes. 

4 – Roll the pastry 2mm thick and lay in a 30cm tart ring. Blind bake on 180c until the pastry is crisp and ready.


Treacle Filling Method:

1 – Heat the butter gently until it is nice and brown. Don’t do this too quickly, or the butter will burn.

2 – Strain the melted butter and discard the sediment left behind.

3 – Mix the eggs, salt and cream together in a bowl.

4 – Warm the golden syrup and stir in the browned butter, then pour this mixture onto the egg mixture.

5 – Add the breadcrumbs and mix it all together.


Now that everything is ready to go, pour the treacle filling into the pastry tart case and bake on 160c for 25 minutes. Then turn the oven down to 140c and bake for a further 20 minutes, or until the tart is golden brown and bubbling. 

Serve however you like it – personally I like it with whipped cream and berries! 


Let us know how you get on with it – find us on social media @rossandrossfood!

 april, April Newsletter – Judging, Being Judged and Street Food Heaven.


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